Evening Courier from Camden, New Jersey (2024)

COURIER-POST, CAMDEN, N. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1942 Held for Sabotage in War Plant PETITIDrJ ASKS VOTEfH. J. TO SHIFT S400Q War Bond Sales Exceed $150,0 In 29 Llovie Theatres of County 1 POLICE SAURIES FOR GUARDSMEN PAY DRAFT BOMD i. 1 NOTIFIES BIG GROUP TD APPEAR MONDAY 3'IIIHIlttlE COiiFEBWIIIIEOISO '''asBBBaMBBBMMHBBMMMMWaWMM Governor Says They Discussed New Series of r.Ioves', Boy! I'll Feed Wolverton and Brunner 48 Former Employes of Runneciede Is Requested to Put Issue on Ballot ft 1 i i r- Lead Drive in Two of Houses State to Get Difference from Army Salary in November Pennsauken Twp.SoIicitor, Edward Roecker, Baritone, Is HEDY LAL1ARR STAR Sept 2.

The State House Commission yesterday, auth Among Those Called OF PHILA. CAMPAIGN I Runnemede borough council last night received a petition requesting that a schedule of salaries for, the rolice deDartment be placed oil the orized a $4000 fund transfer to tro- vide pay differentials for a number of former full-time employes of November general election a referendum be voted on by 'Purchases and pledges for pur Local Draft Board No. 1 has notified a large group of Merchants voters nf the boroush. It II tne btate Military Department who were members of the National Guard and were inducted into the chases of bonds went over with a bang in Camden county's 29 ville and Pennsauken men to ap Th netition was nresented by nea for induction on Labor Day. I theatres Jast night.

Stat Senator Bruce A. Wallace, Trenton, Sept. 2. Possible new moves in the Hudson county political arena were discussed here yesterday with Governor Edison, by three callers, from the anti-Hague -t They were former Secretary of State, Joseph F. S.

Fitzpatrlck, James A. Tumulty, and Thomas Median i Beyond a denial by Fitzpatrlck that-' they came to discuss a secretary for the Hudson County Tax' Board, the visitors declined to divulge the nature of their confer ence. "They discussed a ine wserles of moves they want tor make." de cThe group includes 19 men who are, or have been married. But it renresentiner nolicemen of the bor- -Lack of available funds that The $150,000 mark was exceeded while theatre employes continued oueh and the South Jersey Sub- could be tapped had held up pay to receive reports and tabulate the was said these men fall into the categories' of widowers, divorcees, those separated from their wives urban Ponce Association, ine peu-tion. signed bv Mayor Charles figures.

Hedy. Lamarr, beautiful Holly Rarth. members ot council, bus! or those whose wives have inde ment of the differentials. The New Jersey law requires that after a state employe, who is a member of the National Guard, is inducted into federal services as an officer or enlisted man the state shall pay wood screen actress, sparked the pendent war bond sales campaign in Phila nessmen and residents, was referred to Borough Clerk John Gaunt, who was instructed to check the 420 Notable among the group, who. delphia theatres.

She inspired will receive their final physical ex Philadelphia businessmen to kick signatures. 1 iinrlor the waee scale. an annual in with $4,547,350 in war bond clared the governor when asked amination at the induction station here on Monday, are Thomas F. purchases at a luncheon held in concerning the nature of the nun tne aixterence between his state salary and his federal pay. The law, however, makes no provision for pay differentials to state employes drafted wjunder selective Salter.

39. of 2828 Cove road, solic salary for patrolmen would run from $1450 to a maximum of $2150 the Midday Club. The State House Commission has itor for Pennsauken township; Fourteen theatres in the Camden designated Comptroller Zink to for patrolmen serving eight or more i Edward O. Roecker 33, of 2826 county area sold bonds direct from service. represent It at the argument before years.

The oorougn two owvvia, Patrolmen Raymond Beck and the stages while the others accepted pledges beginning at 9 p. m. the supreme court during the coming October term on the con Centre street radio baritone; John i D. Rich, 21, of 4803 Thirty-sixth street, a son of Mrs. Mae i John Julian, are each paid Jibou The theatre bond selling cam stitutionality of the i act under, which the board recently ordered The group provided for today were 48 officers and men formerly employed in the adjutant and quar termaster generals' departments.

Only these 48 were eligible to the differentials prior to July be Rich, coal dealer and Republican paign was directed here by Joseph annually. Each has served live years. t. iwomen's leader; Walter W. Bur- Murdock.

manager of the Stanley some voting machines; purchased for Installation in Hudson county. Theatre, and Joseph Varbalow, Complain of Bus Service i A letter was received from the i PVT. RUSSELL BL STODDARD sin offered his services to the cause the other 37 men In that jgin, 21, of 1619 Forty-seventh street, maintenance man, son of Walter Burgin, Pennsauken fire marshal, and George Patten 33, Runnemede fire company, com-nlAlninsr of unsatisfactory bus serv commission, of which he is a mem president of the Savar Amusem*nt Company chain of independent Persons purchasing $1000 bonds were admitted free to the category, ranging muartieutenant-colonels to privates, were receivine ber, pointing out that he would serve without: compensation. He nf 515 Rannarrt v.prnnv Ppnnsflll- ice on the Black Horse pike and charging that certain bus oper local Stanley-Warner theatres. higher pay from the Army than they did from the state.

Army nay increases which went ators refuse to stop to pick up ken highway department employe. There is one volunteer in the group. He Is William Budd, 21, of "The response of our audiences 5 local passengers. Council voted to take ud the complaint with offi- to the appeal to buy war bonds was magnificent," Murdock said. 147 South Centre stret, Merchant- into effect July 1 were expected to cut down the number eligible; Quartermaster Gen.

SteDien H. Jcials of Public Service Interstate ville. Budd is listed as a.wireman. have never seen anything like It TransDortation Co. sponsored the 1940 act under which authority for purchase of the voting machines -was authorized and told the commission he felt obligated to serve1 as counsel in the pending 11 tigatlon.

Upon motion of Senator Proctor, of Monmouth, Zink was designated to represent the commission. I Since the passage of the Hudson since 1 have, been in the theatrical A Pennsauken- youth whose father is -a major is also among Council also approved lnstalla tion of a street lamn in Reed ave business. Every manager has been working night and day for. a week the group. He is Charles H.

Rich- Pvt. Russell M. (Hop) Stoddard, I ex-coroner, ex-newspaperman, friend of scores of big shot, New Jersey politicians and hundreds of average guys and one -of the shortest 4 feet 11, inches men in the armed services, has started on the I familiar "where do we go from here" of Army life. Hop, who entered the Army on July 12, at. Fort Dix, has been transferred from service at Atlantic City to Camp Kilmer, New Brunswick, to train inof all things the cook' and bakers' school.

Hop, veteran now, declares It's all In the life of soldier. Tm going to strive to be the best cook in this man's army," says' he. to put this job over." nue between First and Third avenues. Residents of the street filed ards, 21, of 7040 Harvey avenue, listed as a proof press operator. "Richards' father, Major Charles Varbalow reported patrons of the a petition asking for the light, f.

Savar Theatre, where, Congressman Wolverton spoke, also re A resolution was aaooxea approv' Richards, entered the federal serv inar the sale of 12 borough-owned ice with the National Guard in 1940, At that time he commanded lots in Center avenue on tne mrscn sponded splendidly. A bond selling program scheduled for 15 minutes lasted an hour, and 10 minutes, Varbalow reported, i voting machine act several efforts, each unsuccessful, have been made by the Republican State House Ctontmlssion to Install the machines. Difficulties I were encountered in -getting I companies selling the apparatus to bid because of the Questioned validity tract to Charles R. Fish, who has a battery of the 157th Field Artil-lerv a'caDtain. acrreed to build 12 new houses.

Bariow tola the commission in a letter that frilure to pay the differentials was discriminatory and he urged the fund Based on the number of men eligible as of July 1 State Finance Commis-1 sioner Frank E. Walsh estimated the differentials will cost the state $1389 a month. fc The commission recommended the purchase of a building on West Hanover street as headquarters for the State Department of Weights and Measures at a purchase price of $17,000. Walsh said the state now pays $2400 rent a year, for the building. inflCKlfi' RUSSIA FisH was given an option to pur At 9 p.

the Treasury Depart Those of the group who pass the physical examination will be sworn chase 28 additional borough-owned OtS. i into the Army Reserve and ment program for bond purchases was explained. In several theatres American Legion and Veterans' of of the law, under which the steps Tax Collections Increase the privilege or a two-week zur- were laiten, ana jacie oi runds. Robert Sperling, tax collector, lough before they report to Fort Finally at a recent meetlne it reported tax collections for the Dix lor active service. Foreign Wars posts took part in the exercises.

Mayor Brunner was master of ceremonies at the Stan-, ley Theatre. period of January and August The men summoned by the board SOCIALITE PLANE CRASHES: 2 INJURED Head in hand, Lewis D'Ambrosia, 24, of 6337 Vine street, Philadelphia, kept repeating "Why did I do it?" when arraigned before U. S. Commissioner Griffin in Philadelphia yesterday charged with sabotage in a Chester, Pa, war plant. D'Ambrosia pleaded guilty to disabling an Army vehicle because he was late for lunch.

Griffin held him in $2500 bail when FBI agents requested a post-: ponement until Sept 14. reached a new high of almost tu was. decided to buy as jmany ma-Chine this year as there might be money available, between 3d and 40 and a contract on I this basis was awarded, to the follow: MEKCHAMVELLE percent, an increase of, 10 percent Bond sales also were conducted over, the same period last year. James Baxter, 28, of T28 Bprlngflald avenue, metallurgical engineer; Lawrence I Harley. 20, of 22 Alexander avenue, truck! in the Grand, Broadway, Princess, Rio, Towers, Lyric and Victoria John Adams, plumbing inspector, Voting Machines 1 Jamestown, N.

i driver; Adoipn i. Keppel, zu, or 240 Vic theatres in Other thea reported $31.50 collected in fees for permits, in August, Adams, toria atreet, rauroaa reman; timer js. Evans. 21. of 223 Victoria street, student: tres participating were the King.

Hudson countv officials mm Turn That Old Pail Into Georcs W. 41. 42 Cove road. who is also director of relief, re Gloucester; New Century, Audu teacher; Edward L. Comey, 43, ot 178 Fred Pogue and Martha ported the expenditure of $69.08 bon; Collingswood, Ritz, Oaklyn, the action before Supreme Court Justice and obtained an order' for a review of the act.

The latter provides that the machines in August to aid five famines, Prospect street, cement finisher; Albert H. Ebeling, 42, of 116 East Walnut avenue, janitor; Stephen G. Emraom, 45, of 33 Spruce atreet, precision grinder Francis William Moore, building tnspec 1000 of 'Em, to Flatten Dictators Hare in Accident Near Boyertbwn. Pa. tor, reported $11.50 collected in BY JUPSSEEIMB Resignation of Togo and Movement of Troops Taken as Signs D.

Nelson, 40. of 606 West Maple avenue, electrician: David E. Burch. 2S, of 67 are to be paid for out building permit fees. Chapel avenue, freight agent; AJvin J.

Mason. 40. of 173 South Centra atreet. funds appropriated annually by the state to Hudson county, John Gaunt borough; clerk, re- electrician; Harvey B. Green, 41, of 18 One Flatiron Means 30 Grenades, Skid Chain Set 20 g'Sf SbSSffiJS AVedaewood walk, freight investigator; Robert J.

StanaAeld. 22. of 74 Volan and Palmyra. Admission to the Philadelphia luncheon where Miss Lamarr was the cynosure of all eyes, was the purchase of a $5000 war bond. Miss Lamarr started her tour in Philadelphia as a Treasury Department representative in its billion dollar bond drive.

Miss Lamarr literally had to fight her way through crowds to get to the luncheon from the Philadelphia Navy Yard; where she spent part 'street, clerk; Robert G. Wagoner. 21. of Shells. Bucket Three Bayonets So Dig appeals.

William G. Hirsch, Harry Fluharty, Consolidated Amusem*nt 23 voian street, con tester; waiter a. Eponir, 30. of 148 Prospect atreet, builder Fred D. Pogue, 40, widely known South Jersey commercial photographer, was severely injured yesterday when a ilvllian sport 'plane In ana painter.

FXS6ACKEN n.i Co John Stinsman and Lawrence vrui uubjj iu irtu D. Lulse. 1 George Townes, 35. of -1548 Derousse By H. O.

THOMPSON Washington. 2 (IIP)- Which he was riding crashed after The offer of Buzby Bros, of $25, avenue, foundry worker: Richard BlblR- haus. 23. of 8361 Rudderow avenue, bank striking high tension wires near OF LEI LEASE FOOD clerk; John Yanxuk, 32, of 18 Victoria provide as much as 250 pounds of fc old road der ac An old garbage can will" make street, truck driver; Herman A. Bode, 34, Boyertown, Pa.

Developments In the i Far East especially the resignation of Shiee- of yesterday morning. of 8523 Bryn Mawr avenue, boilermaker: 1000 bullets to befired by Uncle iivii, aim iu mwe rrv. rr t-i Warren K. 8. .20.

of '8023 Chapei Sam 'a soldiers! at Naria anrl Jans. nori Togo as Japan's foreign minis With Pogue was the socially prominent Martha Hare, 31, daughter of T. Truxton Hare, former SnTheUhnamyy binbS t0 JS pike "near "si'SSK on wmy. for a plot adjoining hs avenue, nmciiiniais ueiper junni i 34. of 8207 Marion a vehue, construction I An Old fiatlTOn WjUI become 30 terindicated today i that Japan worker; Georne A.

Kramer, 24. of 401Z hand CXenadeS. may be preoarine to strike her Nation's Quota Fixed At $775,000,000 in Sept. Penn ail-star athlete and Olympic Bundy. 33.

of lSt Derousse avenue. A Set Of Skid Chains Will be made long expected blow against Soviet "Smaller items, include scissors, E. umbrella snririM frnm was.ar?fd to sell the parcel of team member, who suffered lesser laborer: Adam RiRgs. 32, of 6304 Mas- into 20 antiaircraft shells. Russia.

injuries. bolstered rhar mrhVtc lanl at PUW auction Washington, Sept. 2 (UP) citizens will be asked to invest swartiey. 34, of 2131 Penn street, sntpping There is enough iron ond steel Togo has been known as an ad Pogue, son of the late Dr. Gar clem; oi vocate Of peaceful settlement of Veteran Rail Employes in Phila.

Charged With Steal-ing Goods Worth $5000 Three Pennsylvania m. Bobb fSL35 Slaton in a discarded, wash pail to forge odd job nun Gilbert B. Collins, 7010 Park avenue. laborer; Walter three bayonets. avenue "We urge housewives to make a survey of their equipment to see $775,000,000 in war bonds during September to help beat the Axis 38, of Russo-Japanese questions.

With rett Pogue, widely known chiro-practor, holds civilian pilot's license. He was operating the plane MOTHERS F. Collins. 31. of 8210 Smiley avenue.

ORGANIZE government re irius does the him out of the cabinet; the military under nationwide quotas soon to wnat part or it is suitable for be ing scrapped. Evry pound thus ob tained will help liner ease the out clique under General fute arguments that "the little bit of scrap I have won't help much." owned by Miss be announced by Secretary of the Hideki Toio will have i a free hand Taking Flying Lessons Treasury Morgenthau. The quota is $40,000,000 below the put of steel needed for winning the-war." I ployes with terms of service ranging from nine to 27 years were ar UTB00U1 in deciding foreign policy. Tojo's swashbuckling crowd lis made up mostly of men who long have be- Miss Hare was taking flying les Dubin pointed out that other $815,000,000 set for August, the first month in which the quota was sons at the Irwin air forms or scrap required for vital nevea Japan must eventually fight port, tnree miles xrom uoyertown, where many i Philadelphia have restee? In Philadelphia last night, charged with stealing $5000 worth of canned food from lend-leas stocks being shipped to Englahd and Russia. munitions and equipment are cook dropped below $1,000,000,000.

It was learned New York wll nussia. net fnts vntiher tin enne wocis. DeDutv Also Ouits stored their aircraft since the gov have the highest state quota for paper, rags, manila rope and bur- Women With in SeiV' Togo's resignation, followed todnv According to police. the three September California, Pennsylvania and Illinois wll by that of his deputy, Harukiko ernment banned flying over, war production plants and areas. Pogue was removed to Pottstown hospital in a hospital ambulance.

lap. I adei.Asf ices to Hold First Meet- ixisni, was only one development follow with $61,250,000, $60,000,000 men would leave cases of food in freight cars Instead of unloading them at a Delaware mac was lntemreted here as fore and $57,500,000. ing Tomorrow He suffered multiple cuts and tos- Arms Going' to Waste And the Camden Salvage Committee, headed by Dubin, cites figures to show that in thousands' of city homes there are quantities of scrap steel and Iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead I- and rubber all of which help to alleviate the shortage of raw 4 On Sunday, Sept. 20, all this scrap unearthed by householders is to be collected hy municipal trucks and volunteers. It will be removed from! in front of "homes, just as ashes and rubbish are taken up.

"One old metal bed will account for 40 pounds of steel scrap," Dubin said. "A steel spring mattress will add 20 pounds of scrap enough for several helmets used, by soldiers, An old kitchen strive will shadowing a smashing Japanese attack on Vladivostok and the Rus A large share of the i month's A I uauuu is icmuig nit awvc yaii. in the scrap drive. Stewart Holman, resident, has appointed Joseph eraty chairman of a committee to cooperate with the city salvage sioie internal injuries. figure is expected to be collected river pier where the food Js trans-ferered to ships.

Then they would take htire trains to a sldW and sian maritime provinces. The plane landed in a field on during the current tour of Holly the farm of James H. Elliott -after The Mothers' Service Club of laborer: Timothy Martin. 34. ot 7528 Pleasant avenue, bus boy.

David J. Griffith, 20. of 6854 Walnut avenue, driver; Prank B. Bensen-hafer. 0, -of-7813 Balfour road, spot tvelder; Thomas J.

Martin. 21. of 6833 Highland avenue, machine operator; William H. Smith, 41, of 6080 Homestead avenue, office mechanic; Herbert G. Lutz, 21, of 3511 Pennsylvania avenue, scale repairman: Bussell F.

Crawford 26, ot 6918 Park avenue, student: Harry D. Dobbins, 33, of 4313 Maple avenue, clerk; Herman Hodosheff, 41, of 3730 Frosthofter avenue, truck driver; Howard O. Dippold, 21, ot 7941 Day avenue, Welder; Theodore Roth. 43. of 4122 Maple avenue, salesman; Christopher Weadersbip.

38, of 8734 Whitman terrace, roofer; George H. Stahl, 45, of 2250 Gross avenue, printer; Edgar W. Sawyer 21. of 1W26 street, crocery clerk. John H.

Oarr. 21, of 2264 Forty-first treat, shipper; Howard Fleu, 42, of 2446 Forty-sixth street, operator; B. Starn. 41 of 7350 Zimmerman avenue, unemployed; Charles Bender 20, 1624t.Forty-second- operator? Robert 8. Kelly, 21.

of 2137 Mer-chantvilla avenue, machine operator; C. DeJonr. 21. of 1836 Forty-fh tret, stenographer; William E.Wells, 21, of 6571 Collins avenue, student; Donald It. Rott, 20.

ot River road, spinner operator; Robert K. Peifter, 21, of 2120 Marion avenue, musician; Charles Stanfter, 21, of 2434 Forty-alxth atreet, mechanic; Robert L. Serflinr. 21. of 4711 Lafayette avenue, wireman; Raymond A.

Powell, 43, ot 3615 Rudderow avenue.1 engineer! Dortnie Homac. 22. of S30 Lennox road, bus boy; Maurice W. Cummings, 22, oi avenue, plate straMrhtener. WUliam F.

Rosere, 30. of 6304 Harvey venue; truck driver: Michael Yaunxuk. 21. of 61 Itt -Victoria truck driver's helper; William E. Waite, 42.

of 3110 Cove 'road, repairman: Anthony Mannino, 22. ot 640 Westfield avenue, auto body trimmer; Troop movements on the Asiatic mainland assumption by Japan of wood stars which will carry them committee. Others are George At kins, P. J. Cazello and F.

Morgan IS" it ripped through wires and went out of control. Mrs. Helen Dla4 remove the goods. Those binder arrest are Marshall H. Taylor, 41, a brakeman, of father of two rhiMrn Hntoh mo.

iukuuj uic giuup win to aoo cities irom coast to coast. DUES CHECKOFF mond, who lives nearby, was the only reported witness. She said Scrap metal from wrecked cars. "lllK.iJ xa rr old auto paru and rubber will be rfi she saw the plane bounce off the and employed by the railroad 14 years; Stanley Barton, 27, a Of Flftv-fourth street nAi a aerensive position in China and in Indo-China-have convinced mil itary men that, some major move elsewhere is afoot. Lieut, Gen.

Joseph W. Stillwell, commander of U. S. forces In the Far East, said in New Delhi that the disposition of Japanese troops indicated they were preparing to wires and ORDERED BY WLB service stations to be -picked up 5gS3 ShSli's JfSJ2 on "Scrap Sunday- Pff? Miss Hare suffered head cuts re quiring 12 stitches. She signed a Washington, Sept.

2 (UP) The Girard avenue, employed nine years, and Harvey Weidman, 47, engineer. UDland terrace. Collfnc. A. a VV1MM vaai armed forces." Mrs.

KamDf ex- release and returned to her home, plumber; Leonard E. GoraUzyk, of JA CHIFDC Tfl niDCrT we thought it would A. onlXKO I UIKC 1 I be an excellent idea for the mothers War Labor today, ordered the Bethlehem Steel Co. to grant maintenance of membership and checkoff of union dues to 50,000 1250 Union. avenue, laborer; Russell C.

Snyder. 21. of 182 North Forty-seoond "Limehouse," at Radnor. There she declined to discuss the accident. Her father insisted his street, salesman': Christian Maasen, 4U ot HOTEL WALT.

WHITMAN John A. Shiers will be the new the service club resulted" Mrs. workers In Its shipbulldin divi aeiena instead of attack in China, and that there was a "good chance" a move against Siberia was impending. Russo-Japanese relations have been delicately balanced for years. daughter was not operating the dale, employed by the road for 27 years.

-i Detectives began an investigation After the thefts from the $15,000,000 stdekpile were dis-N covered. They recovered $1200 worth jt the stolen goods, they said. The thefts took place over a period of several months. manager of theT Hotel Walt Whit- Kampf said rthat there are 500 sm lannox read, Wayne N'ilson. 21, ol 1756 Gross avenue, clerk; C.

Bruce Goodman, 81, of 218ft Forty-fourth street, student; Jamea W- Clyaes, 2. of, 1820 Korty-flftli atreet, unemployed. Adolph H. Scheenmeier, 88. ol T88l iiol-man avenue, truer driv'; Edward JLuathy, The board voted unanimously to Gom Jo Hospital The father was a member of Penn man.

H.J borough. Uorder fighting has broken, out extend union security to the Industrial Uriipn of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers (CIO) in eight He will assume his new duties mv amotners 01 arooK- Georta F. Jolly, 21. of 831 Herbert avenue, handyman; Joel W. Caruso.

21, of sporadically. During the all-star team lor tour years and competed in track events in the SOlo Lexlnrton avenue, electrician a nelDer: Monday, replacing Joseph A Mears who has teen appointed iomorr6wr and PI19J3 there was fighting over an Joseph G. Freeley 21. of 1631 Lexington avenue, plumber's apprentice; Joseph Olympic games in Paris in 1900. A yaras oi tne company in Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Hoboken, extensive front on the Manchukuo- manager of the Benjamin Franklin Sk nave brother of Miss Hare, T.

Truxton, W. Todd. 22. ot 7291 walnut avenue. N.

Staten Island, and is a lieutenant in Naval. Hotel in Philadelphia. iv Shiers is 40, married; has a son, fd. 10, and comes from the Francil president of the new organ- Mongolia border. Japan at that time suffered 50,000 casualties, including I Neither President Roosevelt nor Sparrows Point, Md, Under the maintenance of mem Pogue wire, Janet, received a WIFE SAYS HUSBAND RETURNED JO MOTHER Henry C.

Lacey made his wife get up so he could move out the bed and the rest of the and then make a new home with his mother, it was testified yester Scott Key Hotel, Frederick, MoUr, itegan, vhr h. who has four sons in the service: telephone message the hos Local Defense Notices Acting Secretary of State Welles bership clause workers will have a 15-day period in which to resign from the union if they do not want pital informing her ol the accident ot union avenue, cutter toxea: Georite H. SchulU. 43. ot S52T Woodland machine operator; Mario PIMuro, 21, of "403 River road, locomtStlve cleaner; Carl Bittner, 21.

ot 3748 Frosthoffer plumber; John M. Bunker, 41. of 4120 Laurel avenue, ruard: Joseph Morao, 39, of 7921 River road, laborer; Michael J. K. Culford, 42, of 1547 Merchantville 'avenue, toolraaker; Charles R4 Gussler, 40, of 210 Velde uvenue.

paintr; Edward K. avis. 21, ot 626 Westfield avenue, welder; William F. 8pix. 21, of 7616 Kaat Maple avenue, mill worker; Howard Hubbs.

43. of 8754 Frosthoffer avenue, pusher; Russell Mutschler. 21. -466 Leilntton avenue, estimator: Kenneth F. Bye.

22. of VM avenue, unemployed? John J. Pilarchik. of 6A2 Springfield ordnance worker; F. Wharton Baker 5741 Walnut Insurance clerk" Lorenso Applev.

23, of 6881 Woodland avenue, laborer: Thomas E. Barth. 24. ot 728 Maple avenue, rubber cutter, Clarence S. Landskroener.

21. of 8737 Rogers avenue. ttot rs. William Jones, vice president, He is aTaUvS of PennSlvaSS: theservice; Mrs. and left shortly i afterward for wouia comment on the Togo resignation when it was mentioned at their press conferences! yesterday.

to remain members for the dura Pottstown. she said her nusbano eft home early yesterday to go tion of the contract. The union agreed not to coerce employes into i ogo xavorea the non-aggression pact -between Janan land Soviet the son of a musician, a Mason, TT seir belongs to the Episcopalian Church 1" fnd 1 and was formerly president of the an, in Coast irri.i, Tt Guard. Mrs. Forrest Thomas is upstate, but she was uninformed of his mission.

The couple live at 107 tne union. Russia which was concluded in 1941 by Yosuke Matsuoka.then North Seventh street. iHluu; WUU, I rpactlf' 1 The' announcement was made 7T.re PS DIRECTORS VOTE Dr. Pogue died two years ago. yesterday by President LeRov a.

fan are. n.cls day by Mrs. Mildred Lacey, of 208 Greenwich avenue, Paulsboro, before Advisory Master Linwood Erickson. Mrs. Lacey won a recommendation for divorce after she testified' further, to her claims that Lacey loved his mother better than he did his wife.

Lacey was said to be livins in His widow, Mrs. Gertrude Pogue, foreign, minister. Subsequently as foreign minister, worked hard on the question of settling disputes over flshine riarhts in Rus 20-CENT DIVIDEND lives in Camden. Goodwin after Shiers had been se- hZf I Sfwfi ff bSe P1 Newark, Sept. 2.

Directors of 1 TODAY District 2, Zone 1, Posts 1 and 2 -3-A Building, 705 Market street, 8 p. m. John Brutschea and Ben Brest, post wardens; George Boen-nlng, zone -warden, and William Butler, assistant district warden. District 2f. Zone 3, Post 2 Kirby's Hall, second floor, 419 Federal street, 8 p.

m. Mrs. Amelia Waters, post warden; Alfred S. Flitcraft, deputy post warden? Enoch Himes, rone warden, and Thomas Kenney, district-warden. District 6, Zone 1, Post 2 Spar- In addition to the Merchantville.

and Pennsaukeik residents, the following- men, registered with the board, also have been summoned for Induction NAVY DRILLS IN CITY sian waters and kept that, contro Public Service Corp. of N. J. at a meeting yesterday declared a divi Columbus, o. (UP).

A new da, me Ernest C. Cooke, si, or ww- ftonn versy irom -boning over into war. Tojo. however, was chief of staff Swedesboro and to have moved out wrinkle in drilling has been estab Communications Suad, ElUngto 1 II Field. TPY nd Tfthn T3A.n Thirty-first street, dispatcher, and Stanley dend of 20 cents a share on the common stock, payable Sept.

30 to XV Warinsky. 44. of 242 Milton atreet. of the Kwantuni armv in Man- on March 26, 1937. lished.

The Navy recruiting office takes over the state capitol grounds in the heart of the city, for drilling stockholders of record Sept. 10. EX-GOVERNOR STOKES Ln D'Vhe have lived in Brooklawn Hbbon man. both of Camden: Henry Ous-tafson. 20, MillviUe.

carpenter: Charlea R. Sfhuvler. 30. of 424 Sheffield avenue, guard, and Harry P. S3, of I70 wnt Diamond street, sheet etcher.

chukuo and belonged to the group which thought Japan should have attacked Russia in 1937 instead of China. lAKUi 1U nU5rl lAL I05T; L- and regular morning workouts, both of Pbiladniphla. Trenton Sent si rnrmer r- i-r us are jawara rowship Hall, Third and State streets, 8 p. m. Joseph Voqrhees, American workers are sloganeer i on West State street yesterdav and ert 1 iHk a Kib" was removed to Mrr Mitli eri.J- the air force.

HORSE PARKING PICKS UP Santa Cruz, Cal. (UP-Santa ing as well, as producing for victory. Here are a few slogans sug? gested by workers: "He Who Naps Treasury Vorkers This makes a total dividend declared on the common stock so far this year of 70 cents as compared with $1.65 for the same period in 1941. This decrease, notwithstanding the improvement in gross revenues, is due in part to the rising cost of operation but mainly to enormous increase in taxes, present and according to Walter F. fA wre, iianlev'k snne ar Cruz is all ready- Open for busi post, warden; samuei jayne, zone warden, and Joseph Elliott, district District 7, Zone 3, Post 2 St.

Joseph's Parish Hall, Tenth and lelps the Japs." "If We Equip ness is the horse parking lot which George Minschwaner, his HinHv KTiV'r10 lvesician. sid thor wn "ev both the Navy. i Them Our Boys Will Whip Them." has been established ibehind the Win Own Flag for Var.Bonds Buying -rr Airs. KnTvmf a Minutes kaved Here Mean Lives Saved There." wtuug wita governor tokes but Rt.k,i Zrzz. "weakness from Nge." He said has been in the Coast the patient was iJSine- rSZfrl.

GrA he was 17. He trained main postoffice, a watering trough has been completed, and a corral secured for the lot. bly last night ahl no serious con- Mlly- Allen, director of publicity. A New Jersey inventor has con dition had developed In 18 additional defense areas, 1- WINS CONTRACT Washineton. Sfnr.

9 a nected a lead pencil by a chain to a vacuum cup to keep-qt within reach in' an automobile, office or with a population of 4,000,000, residential rents have been stabilized by the OPA. A total of 39. million persons in 93 areas are now under federal regulations. CIIAIH OTTOMAl! home. He tries to keep on going," Dr.

Minschwaner said, "and won't listen when we tell him not to. I have placed the governor under observation and am trying to get him on his feet again. Ie probably will remain at the hospital for about two weeks." for construction of concrete loading pJatforms in Salem county has been awarded by the War Department ta E. Howell, Trenton. Thev project will cost about 500,000.

A.95 up 1 VI West, deputy post warden; Casi-mir, Bielicki, post waTden; Robert Johnson, zone warden, and William Barnett, district FIRE. AUXILIARIES NEEDED J. Milton Lotsey, chairman of the auxiliary fire division of the Delaware township defense council, needs 100 auxiliary firemen at once. All volunteers are urged to get in touch with Lotsey by calling Merchantville 2SS1-J or by Miss Betty McCloskey 'at the Eri-ton school, Merchantville 1014. iiEKCIIANTVUXE Merchantville Defense Council ivill meet tomorrow night at 8 p.

it was announced "today by Charles Keeler, secretary. The meeting will be held in Frederick W. Grigg Post Home, American Legicn, Centre street and Chestnut avenue. Washington, Sept. 2 (UP) The Treasury, which sells the nation's war bonds, also is a big I purchaser of them.

The department yesterday won the Minute Man Flag, awarded to private firms and government agencies for 80 percent or. better employe-participation in a program calling for investment.of at least 10 percent of workers gross in war bond purchases. A Treasury statement said 92J8 percent of the department's 61,443 -employes throughout the. eoun- try have subscribed 10.4 percent of their rtoss pay for war bonds. The Minute Man Hag was to4 Commissioner of Ac-toants K.

F. Cartelt by Rear Admiral Charles Conard, chairman -cf the interdepartmental. war s-ivis ccrr.T.liiee. tr IYEJ IXAMINE0 GLASSES FITTED Modfn, Stitntiflt Incr.Qt. s'sj EYEGLASSES Qimm frem moil modem frame.

4. I. t.n.S Choice colors Spring construction throughout. "A first national bank TRUST CO. 1 13 ft 1 4 Founded isn i T-v i WW MM i i.

in. nrf J..

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