Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey (2024)

COURIER-POST, Monday, Octobtr 29, 19M 13C fed? Over 700 employment opportunities are advertised in the help wanted section of the Sunday Courier Post. I I CALL AD-VISORS DIRECT 663-7100 inrrTp, HELP WANTED (09) HELP WANTED UoS) HELP WANTED I (09) HELP WANTED To9 HELP WANTED HmI HFlPWiWTFn Tool hflp WANTED I (oat mfi wantfd HoSi HELP WANTED i I i i REAL ESTATE SALES REPRF-e OFFSET STRIPPER-EipA Day PART TIME MECHANIC, dwset. class A or PART TIME kK PlUftWINC MECHANICS yrs. tip. Al new censarwadR.

CalMI-Kat PRESS OPERATOR- Mat M) rfk trowei snap AS Die, PH. Od sal Eic wort can. EiPd. lee-tot. vt PS ESSE NEEDEO-Fud dm tr part am.

Apoty CunrarHant Citaneit. WNte Hers Pdt. Setntrdeta. Ptawt OS-H PRESSERiipofd.Camt-WM. SENTATIVE -MANAGER neeoed.

tor new home saies ei me Voorneese area lor growing Mdg firm Must 0 tip win resentiei tas. mort-gage hnencmg settiemenis 4 hav anoweoge et new home construe-lion position win saiary bnns I commission PteatecantU-OaOO tend resume kh ot tip 4 duai'tications lo GntinCon-. struction Co. KM E. Mam Si, Moorestown, NJ 00S REAL ESTATE SALES i Peal Estate Broker Developer seets highly motivated person tor land acquisition 4 development Eip pret'd II interested hard' wort 4 lucrative tuture, send resume lo Cohen Scnatt Associates.

Suite Landmark U. Cherry Mil, 0034 RECEPTIONIST- Fu am ttr a same keann duo. Cal RECEPTIONIST good benents 4 pleasant working environment Cherry Hi division office ot mier- national marketing researcft Co. Looking lor eidividual with pleasant personality, typing SO wpm. I-J yrs i eip EOE Send resume stating, perienen! into to E-4 Courier Posl, PO Boi S300.

Cherry Hil, NJ 0034 RECEPTIONIST P'OffrMl'vt Ftnwiil Co tk pervoniCmt, wei pwrr6 rMticVui wilf. Wl- me and 9ff oHict sloth, wet ticetpi commo-nKtfKMiatxiilv Sendrtuimt, (K otXy dirtctiv to tKior. Humwi Resource. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 70-2iSBeiievueve Hemmonion, NJ 0037 Eouai Opportunity mpwver RECEPTIONIST PT, some eve-nmgs 4 every other weekend tor Nursing Home Answer phones, light typing Cell Rulh 771-9333 RECEPTIONIST SECRETARY typing. Wing, iron! boot Musl bt Neiibte working hours.

Blue Crest, Blue Shield. Maior medical alter tmav Apply If Cooper Ave Martttn ar cal MJ REPLACEMENT WINDOW INSTALLER EXCELLENT MONEY Eioerlenced enty, must hav wn -truck 4 equip. Al Ige. company I benents, great Incentive program. Ca tar interview, ask tor TONY BRANCA havt plenty ol wort.

RESIDENTIAL AIDE -pari lim ianitoriai 4 direct care lor mentally retarded adults living in a group home Midnight lo lam shift, titer-ntte Fri Sal 4 Sun. Cal Roi. btl. t-17, 4I-6I RESIDENT SUPER- Cherry Hil' high rise. veers eip.

Ftmilar with all phases of apt. maintenance. Eicel sal 4 benelils. Send resum lo Courier Posl, F-I0O, PO. Boa 5300.

Cherry Hil, N.J 06S3 RESTAURANT HELP NEEDED- i firt time Waiters, Waitresses, I tots, Ditfiwashers, Bartenders 4 hme day Coot. iper. reg'd Apply in person: Lts Amigos, Rt 71, West BerW, N.J. RESTAURANT Help. Hostess- YVsilreii Barmaid FM.

Salary (740 per wk plus lips No tip nec. We nam CiH3l-stll. RESTAURANT help-tmmed need tor PT day 4 tve personnel, last tood outlets in Moorestown Mtll 9 S3 SO to start, musl hav Irani. Call lot-om 4 RESTAURANT HELP McDtnthfi Famty Rnlaurant is new hirm. Ful hmepart hme positions aval.

Musi be 17 yrv et g. Apply person at any at th Bit McDnehTI liltad olw. White Horse Magnolia White Horse Lmdenwold Camden Moorestown Eagle PUu. Rl. Stl, Voorhees Equal Oppartunlty Employer RESTAURANT WAITRESSES WAITERS S.Mdv PART TIME txl-tions (or mature person, with pleasant manner.

Flexible schedule ot approx 70 hours per week, including occa iional evening I Saturday, tntov our generous benefits, itxludna a 70 DISCOUNT on mosl pur chaves, (EOE MF). STRAWBRIDGE CLOTHIER Cherry Hill HELP WANTED THE HOLIDAY SEASON brings immediaia openings National Concern i crcuujn ethca 10-2. 3 30-6 30. 30-f 30 Work at Rrival desk 4 phon Earn saiary 4 bonuses Can Mr Connors 663-6000 eil 443 bet 530pm. eaJ-tuOl an 133 all 530pm Eouat Opportunity Ernplovdr PRT TIME WAREHOUSE PER-SON lo lane care ot warehous neeiness 1 order tor kg busy co.

Approi 70 hrs. wk, very flea, hrv UShr Can Lou, 1 1 -4044. PART TIME EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY AMPM HOURS AVAILABLE For Telephone Interviewing Starting Salary St an Hour Pius Ful Company Benefits Ml Laurel 335-77W PART TIME RECEPTIONIST Eves 4 Sal lor Cherry Hit Optho-moiogitls office Duties include typing, tmng. answering phones, scheduling appts 4 coordinating patient flow Write Boi F-34, Courr Posl. PO Boi 5300.

Cherry Hil, NJ 0034 PART TIME HOSTESSCASHIER." A Per person between 3 4 Ipm. Betien Sea Party, IU4 Martttn Pit, Cherry Hd. mw PART wmed lo clean tor small Cleaning service Ch H.nADepitordareet lt5-ftS2 PART TIME National Newspaper concern hat 70 tmmediaie openings for telephone order clerks. 10-3. or 30-9 30 Sat- plus bonuses Stt Cal Mr acktione 663 6000, eil 441 bet.

30or663'600leit3ett 530 Eoual Opportunity Employer PART TIME JOBS JOBS JOBS For Telephone Order Cktrks AM PM hours available lor our herry Hill Office. Saiary plus bonus. CaH Mr Riley al 663-6000, e. 144 bet 3Com, or 663-6001, eil Waller 5 30pm Equal Opportunity Employer PART TIME Defiverv person. I hrs.

per wt Mutt have Van or truck with load capacity ot 7500 lbs. 15.50 hr. Hut 3W mi. PART TIME RECEPTIONIST in beauty saton Call 474-3131 PART TIME DENTAL ASST. Eiper.

Pret'd FSttte cal 747-776 ar 747-7747 PART TIME CLEANING OFFICES Voorheet Two tPM-tPM. must be legal age Must have own trans, all between 1 30-3 30 PM, Mon-day-Friday, IO0 PART TIME We havt 10 immediate openings for telephone order clerks tarn eitr cash for th upcoming holidavs. Receive a set salary, commission, and incentives Hours are Monday-Friday, 15pm lo 00pm. Saturday For an interview call Sue al 663-6000, til. 231 btl.

vam-3pm quel Opportunity mployer PART TIME Liquor store, perm, position, tip prerd Mutt be 71 yrs. el toe 4 have valid NJ driver'i kt Start enmed 771.7700. PART TIME Truck Drivers lor van, 7 or 3 oavt wk. s4 hr all Lou, WI-4044 PART TIME Warehouse Paris Picker honesl. last, for heavy work, i3 75 hr Call V31-4044 PART TIME- Inventory help needed in your area lor busy season.

Work begins December ats4.75perhr Noeip ok. training paid. (Weekends 4 days or Weekends 4 evet Mutl havt own Iranos 4 be II years or older. (Permanent positions available). Send retpontet lo PO.

Boi 341, Somert Point, 0744 EOE. PART TIME -College tludenls, houtewives, retired people, earn tic. money In hour spare time. (sal. plus comm.) II vou have a nice speaking voice, moy talking on I he phone 4 would like lo work in our beautiful offices in Cherry Hill either morningt or evening! we'd ilk to meet you.

Call Lynn 481- IH4 PART TIME Supercede Amuse-menit hat opening for 3 or 4 tves per wk 4 alternate Sun al Ihe Cherry Hill Mall. Applicants wil work public, make change 4 lighl maintenance Must havt rectnl 10b references Apply in person. PART TIME CHRISTMAS HELP S4.S4 ta Hart. Ideal pot. tar col-lege student tr H.S.

grid now work kith hmt dayv Needed 10lihrv per wk. Some w. In schedule. Car needed 647-4415 fx interview, 4-7. PART TIME-work Irom home on Ihe phone, earn MH per hr.

4 more, comm Call 771- 1WI PART TIME-S-fpm, Gd money. Telephone work from Woodbury office. Hrly comm. bonus CalH53-l4W. HELP WANTED shift Ca lor appt bent.

14. laoer OIL BURNER TECHNICIAN. are a preorettTvo CO asotaiRlar someone Inearested as lend wrrn aimaayMwnt. Eiper natpeuL scheal-to etvanhat Marry bnm. McAhs-far Fuels, at tar Donna, aS-4S4S OPERATOR needed Invnod.

fia-d. rm opart Mr. Sasary feed. Cat 747-301 OWNER OPERATOR, Trader Dumper or Tandem Dumper, with body. Cal Be) amrame laU OWNER OtttlAiueta wras tandem tractors tr II ar lerter ttrthdit truck needed Must have comas.

0 OT. Ruandcahens. Sloedy year round wart. Weeery sera-, rnenl, Apoty In perse with truck at GTS Trensperffeic, U1S Wheal-tneal Lane Pn4. OWNER OPERATORS growing company needs owner operaiors to pull from Aiindr to Norlhtatl 4 return High rote pad for an miles met D'H 4 Wt provide BT insuranct 4 most permits.

Labor 4 detention pay, wty settlements 4 fuel advances Mm. age 71 Tandem tractor 4 od driving record reqrd Averaoe gross tltOO to S3 1 per wt Can 100-444-4401 OWNER OPERATORS. Tnmkmt at malm a change 7 Then we ti ever eipandlno leof at Owner Operators at wheehm Carta Ca. We art as need of SO new Owner Operators. We offer you a tang trrn leet, yr round oerk pid by tie mat putvt ce.

trtr. taeded or dmpty. Wklv settarnonts, advances. Croup held. pun.

vox awn a wh model 1 aile tractor 4 can meet al T. duawscahans, why net cam 4 trtw with vs. It Interested cal Dave Link, NJ. pttO-Ul-aSO, aut SnStNJtOQ.UI.50 PAIN It Own transportation. Cal Andridn ptwn 44 5.541-0917 PAINTER.

Leet mo far conseien. Haus person who wants ta leant tne trade. Great carter appry. Steady ompnnrmeni a. go.

pay. Must hay wn trantd. 4 Stan Immed Only those who want to wort, need appry. Cal tj.744 tor appt. PAINTERS WANTED Eip'd.

See Lem al Willow Ridge blwn 10 4 13, Rl 70, Marilon PAINTERS HELPER Far faitured ceiings. eip. hettpuL Cal betw. t-3, tjl- faa. PAINTERS brush painters 4 runt preparation people needed, ic oppty.

lor advancement. Wages negol oW-773-3733 EOE PARALEGAL-Haddonhetd law Arm has Immed oponMf tor tioer-d Paralegal Cotector. Pan Hme or hme. Hrs leiioH). Send return 4 salary requirements to courier rov p-17,, Bel SIM, Cherry HI, NJ.

0014 PART TIME- tr wl cal Wart far eipenoSne new ca. Needed electri cal, plumber, carpenters, wefoers, mechanics wha are atve work conilrvcnan fob al ngnl 4 weekend! fa handt overflow Send retume ta: Baa 2I7S, Medhxd Lakes, J. OtOSS PART TIME -Day shlf) drtvtrt 4 helpers. Night shin warehous. Mutl bt ever 11 yr.of apt, en cal bails.

Pastlblltv at tul tlm mptoymoni Appty k) person at Gala Wines NJ. Delaware Ma me Hwv Hakstspert, H.J. PART TIME, Summer or perm, nent, housewives, col. students, bread winners 4 retirees, Over 31, Contact aur prospects trom your desk aur Cherry HI office, Sal t-1, hrty sal Free h-amln. For personal Interview cal Bar-bar Smith, 647-34 33 PART TIME STUDENTS Fro afternoons 4 weekends lo work in Bakery Approi 10-13 hours per week Please phone Mr.

Btrsntr for appointment 647-7333 PART TIME-Truckmg lirm requires pari lime supervisor pm-3em in in Penntaukm area. Gdpav Call3l5-445-SI04 PART TIME CASHIER, Stock Person. Musi have register eiper. 4 must bo ae.ibie. Cal tlf-ltto, Tues.

thrv Sat betw I0em.4pm. EOE 'M PART TIME DISalWASHER PROFESSIONAL, someone wha can take charge, nt trnSers, cat tor tppt. 767-665S PART TIME RECEPTIONIST Sundays amy. lam ta 5pm. Apply kt parson I lam to 5pm, Tues.

thru FrL Morion Caterers, Rt. IN, Cevta-mmton STUDENT JOBS Ambitious ttudtnls interested working, after school and Salur-davs Can earn 140 lo 100 per week In comms working lor a local newspaper Mutl be al least 14 years old and live in Beiimawr, Runnemede, Gkmjc, Stratford. Somerdai areas, or Collingswood, Oaklyn, Wetlmonl, Giouc City areas. Can 31-33 14 tor mort Inlormalion National Newspaper Concern ll now hiring In their Cherry Hill offic for Telephone Order Clerks. Monrnlng hrs.

avail. Guar, salary plus bonuses Call Mr. Michaels, O66-6000, til. 441, bet. 6pm.

643-6001 til 333 aft 6pm Equal Opportunity EmpKvc MF HELP WANTED uww loors cat pays, aoz-jljl MECHANICHeavv Eau. Sw-desboro, based heavy am hous tookinc tor mechanics. Sal common, tip ContKI Rich btwn tarn 4 4pm, 47-7371 MECHANICAL ASSEMBLER Mfr at electro-mechanical eomomem hat dperwig tor IndivKiual I assembi mechamcat components and perform minor wirmo Prior met hen al assembly and la root (iperienc required. Musi be abta read but-prinrt and use Rower hand tools and bench equipment. Musi own necessary hand foots For details cat: K-TR0N CORPORATION J0 Warrick Avenue Glestboro, NJ Edudl Qpporlunity Empioytr MF MECHANICS JR.

Entry level positions in the maintenance deol Applicants must hav some mechanical eiperience 4 soma loots Ful company paid benelils program Pleat apply Reisch Trucking 4 Transportation Co I II Union Ave Pennsauten, OHIO. MECHANIC Trvrt Gas 4 Danal eiaGd worker. 771-2500 MECHANICAL PERSON-Wanted Who it lammar with mechanical 4 awclrkal operation ot packing eouio Eitremcty pleasant working condiiions In th Cherry Hi! rta Send resume to Courier Posl, Boi F-SJ PO. Boa SJOO. Chtrry Hi.

0034. MEDICAL BILLING CLERK, Fid) tAma pesmtn tar bam oerk tpe-clatty dracisca. lyr eipr ai medKat srrtm. Known riot at computers heSotuL Send mum with salary, PO lei SJOO, Cherry HI.NJ 01014. MILK VENDING ROUTE DRIVER, DeponoabH, meeniitM person far I orewme ce.

Talma appkcatiens 7 Days OWy, Oct Ttfh 4 loth ai Wttl Dairies Somerdale.NJ Branch, located at Linden 4 Kennedy Birds. Cal l-aOO-AAILK-lll lef mere We nevtfetf MODEL MAKER. Our 'twin firm hat a need far expeTd Mode) Maker. A baity la transial tk etches and to working futures ar tootine, Machmm abatry a wekwia andor braiind eiper a plus Send resume tr apply In person ta: Mr. Charles at Demon Vacuum.

1 Pal Oak Aw, Cherry HI, NJ. OtOOl MODELING-Cattm. Talent Kout faekeig tar models, actors for TV, tauVon, 4 Photo. Il5-743 tit. MORTGAGE COMPANY ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Immediate, challenging cereer growth oooortunity with a leading New Jersey which It a division ot First Federal Savings 4 Loan Atsn.

ot Hammonton. Qualified candidates wil receiv compelilive compensation and generous company paid benelils. Travel required as welt as hours lo accommodate applicant! realtors, builders, loan protesting, etc Please contact, In confidence: Mr Robert Crowlty at (wv) -Jui or mall resume lo: Id Tillon Street Boi 470 Hammonlon, NJ 01037 Equal Opportunity Employer MORTGAGE TAX CLERK IntaaraMtlna mnA rtrilrn posdion hi very congenial environment Reouirn some prtor lai or related mortgaoe tervfcirrg eRpenence. We offer oulslarrtfing tuv pad benefiti and a competitive laiary. Send rtsumt, or tpeXv dirKl 10: iirector, Human ftetourcet FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 709-7ISBelievueAve.

Hammonton 0037 Equal Opportunity mploytr NIGHT AUOITOR-PT. Fri 4 Sat. Mull bt neat, personable 4 reliable. Wl tram. Apply In parson I0am-4pm, Mcintosh Motor fm, Rt.

73 Ml. Laurel NUCLEAR POWER TRAINEES Rewarding program for Individuals with mailt background. WiH tram High School graduates, age lo 74. Bonus upon complehon. CaU collfct (715)51-557373 OFFICE MANAGER- Good IvpisI req reviout eiper.

oooo bene-tils Cal 56I-W00 OFFICE MANAGER, Top management position, busy medical office Acclg. managerial 4 organi-leiionai skills a musl. Computer Skills desired Apt Ip work with 4 tuperviM offic staff icell bnfits 4 salary Cal btw tJOam 4 4pm feS-totSEiPrd Only Apply. OFFICE PERSONNEL TEMPORARY GOOD PAY, NO FEEI We need dorks, typists, tectvs 4 word pro. cviteri for our many diver lined temp aitlonments.

Cal KELLY 4 THOMAS ASSOC. If 3t Rl. 70 East, Suit 1)0, Chtrrv Hi. 424 I2U Emp. Agy.

HELP WANTED PRESSE Part Ten. Eiper'd CalJ PiiS PRESSMAN J-C 3S-. J-C Harris presses. Ontv no need Ppty Reply Courr Posl -41. PO Dpi S308 Cherry Hit, 0034 PRINTING PRESS OPERATOR (PT Time I Quality oriented et-naut shop seeking person lo oper- smal conventional dampening press on Hentx weekly evening schedule It 12 hrs per week I Reouir minimum 4 yrs eiper tnc operation ot printing press and other related equipment.

Pleas send resume, or visit Our oHice to lit out an appn-cation torm. Interviews wil bt stl up py appointment, FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS WBeiievue Avenue Hemmonton.NJ003 Attn Dir Human Resources An oual Oopty mpwver PRINTING PRESSMAN 'MGR. ml Smal auaaty shop Hamad 4 A Ok! 3t i par a. arty. Cal MS3 PRINTING PRESS PERSON.

(r ipnoig4 need someone wtt can nande responsibeirf 4 aats cnaaengasCalfc.twl. PRINTING ip. on smal ost prtsses FuH time, tic pay 4 btne-fns CtkWI SWO PROGRAM DIRECTOR IRacouet Ball tar service hearth duo. 4S4-I440 PURCHASING ASS Pennsauken Cd seeks mdiy to assisl purchasing mgr. daily routine Candidates musl possess good phone 4 typing skills, be familiar with both manual 4 comouterned inventory record keeping, order placing 4 eipediling.

Send resume 4 salary requirements to Courier Posl F-7S. P.O. Boi S300. Cherry Hil, 0JM34 QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR- Our drawing nrm Has a need far a kupecttr, prtnariy rar machined cempenents, tbtitv ta read delated blueprints 4 use common mtchmsl measurevg toots. Machmist pack ground helpful but not roo d.

Send resume or apoty psrn hr Mr. Charles at Denton Vacuum, 1 Pel Oak Avt, Cherry Hd, N.J. 0001 READER 4 RESEARCH ASSISTANT lor legally blind student Part time mm REAL ESTATE SALES 70 COMMISSION If I didn't own Ihe business I'd eooty. Great oppyl lor the go-getier sales person to earn an income ot (30 000 plus, lloor time, leads, pleasant atmosphere. Only openings.

Cal Mike Brock, lor conliotnlial inter-view 714-3031. REAL ESTATE SALES CAREER OPPORTUNITY Our office is looking to tipend 4 in Ihe need ol (31 additional seiesoeo- we've hid 100 increase in jsiness over last year. Eicel. omm plan bonuses 4 incentives Protected termor ies II your looking lor career position please contact Wall Zimmalong lor cont interview. Willson Realty REALTOR 663-7300 REAL ESTATE SALES lie Req'd Gretl oppty.

lor tmttf-liout hardworking persons interested in wining our office Eic. Comm. schedule No cost charges against our sties people Your own desk, liei. lloor schedule II Interested contact Milt Alson, ArnKUNfc UkUUf, Jt-UOU. Rial Etlatt Sales TIRED! running around Iht country side, 60 nr.

wks. Eipenses now commissions later; maybe! Look, into our COMPUTERIZED office ot Iht 10s concept. Salary plus commission 3O-40hrs inofficeonly For details call 10-1 Pal Ruh, 7SI-IISS REAL ESTATE SALES PEOPLE, excetent oppty. tor tul tlm sls-people. Active othc.

Alan Schati Realty mc 771-1491 REAL ESTATE TRAINEE-lecal tne el Nahonal Ce. setts two aidividuefi wdmg hs wert hard and bt trained. Ctmmiiuons Is eiceil el 12S.0O0. Far Information cal Alan, HELP WANTED KABiTFIkKTDiirmD For lid's class Cei3l-22li KENNEL ASSISTANT eioerienc grterred. Hteoacr.

Ktnr. Cal LANDSCAPE PERSONNEL Fu time position Can stf-OSM LANDSCAPING FOREMAN, ml needed immed. tor tut lima work, tip prl 214-7SW LANDSC APING 'LAyVN MAINTENANCE tut frr Epr. pret CvJy-IM4 LANDSCAPE HELPER "'M f*ck twit, ksendot season. Caa m-7Tll LEGAL SECRETARY t.oeri-nced Pteos send resume to O.

Boi 71, Hammonton, Nj 0UXS1 LEGAL SECRETARY- legal 1 word processing tip O. Boa nt. co*kmgswood. MIOI LEGAL SECRETARY- E.o desired Pteasent working conds convent to nignspotdim WS-190 LEGAL SECRETARY Haddontieh) law lirm, tip d. Cttn-t7H LEGAL SECRETARY, eiptrl-anctd lor smal HaddanfWd law Rrm.

Cal 4MM00 LEGAL SECRETARY lor Cherry Mo law mv Musi kav I-) yrs. wool ucmtrujltioer Salary com-mensural wim abamj. Fat bone-tWvCaiaaooo. LEGAL SECRETARY P. Small Cherry HiK law tirm hrs Wed Fri.

possibly mort Eic typing skills Can 421-WOSblwnl Mon 4 Tuts. LIGHT INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE PRODUCTION GENERAL LABOR Come work lor tht CAN DO IT Co. Must hav car 1 telephone. CD Temporary Services, Inc. 1 h-etuitve Cherry Hill ai) am NotaflCmplymntAsy Nivtrattf.

Equal Opportunity Employtr M'P LIGHT INDUSTRIAL Long 4 short lerm mull have own car 4 telephone. IS IfcrvfOi Sci'A-CtS lOtOKingtMwy CherryHIII 7791200 LIQUOR STORE Assistant man-aver with strong wine background. Call to Ipm. Mon thru Fri. 34S-44M LIQUOR STORE CLERK Fid hmt.

iperienc prefd. cal btw. tarn 4 Ipm, H4-2644. LIVE IN COMPANIONS Do vou want lo earn tht absotul HIGHEST PAY while amoving comlorlable, workingliving conditions? Immed. work avail, selecled clienls In the 3 county area.

Gel the lads Call lor details. No let or obligation. Rel's mc. QUALITY CARE NURSING iTjwru Others la we deliver MACHINIST Apply S10 Hunter Gloucester City. MACHINIST, TOOL MAKER.

Ft or part Urn Goad eoperrv. Plant in Famrtew Sechon at Camden, Cal T64-I107 MACHINISTS Part Tim. Fui Time, Anvtlm. Positions wim rep-ktv aipandina c. Must have Lam 4 Bndoeoorl aiper.

Eic tai 4 fringe bnefh Apply In per van tc Mr. Charles, Denton Vacuum Inc, 1 Pin Oat Lane, Cherry HH. MAIDS, mw, tul 4 pari lim. Apply in person Viscount Hotel, Rl. 73, Ml Laurel No phone calls.

MAIL ROOM, recenl June grad 3 wks. vac Call Larry Mack Emp. Agy, 1 10 Melrose Weslmonl. MAINTENANCE Person. Asst.

Superintendent. In unit NJ. Mrts. Must lutv enperd. Have own tools 4 trantn.

Send re sum ttt Bo IllOI.Phaa.Pa. 1137. MAINTENANCE MANPAINTER mw. Soma eiper. net Mutt hav twntMvCal4S4-7t7t MAINTENANCE MECHANIC.

ipWd Mechanics are needed fa P-ntorm or events five maintenance, repairs 4 kibrscetlen at ptant pre ceiung 4 packaoma machinery. Apply an person betw lam 4 3pm at CaddUc Pet Foods, mc, 1 10 Grit-nth nAeroan Lane, rem taut en. MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Must be lamiliar with all aspects ot mainl Carpentry, masonry, alec 4 ptumoing Musi know rmia arei area. 9413 Musi have NJ driver's lie 3S4 MAINTENANCE MAN mw. Apply In person Haemark Metal, RL 130, Ca-namassan, NJ.

MAJOR APPLIANCE SALES TRAINEE-Mator Appliance, TV, 30 000 incom poleniial Inc sal 4 comm. plus strong Irmge benelils. Some sales trainees have advanced lo sJi 000 Mgml. oosilioni within one year Mr Berman3l-il64 American Appiapces MANAGER, tar promotion tele. phone tfk.

Eip. net Reiecahen petiible. gd, sat 421.7047. MANAGER wanted. Eslablak Put restaur anl seeking mature individual who Is enthusiastic, hardworking 4 people oriented Benefits 4 bonus plan avail lo right person.

I up helpful but not nec. WRilt to Bon J3, Courier Post, PO Boa S3O0, Cherry Hil, 0M34 MANAGER- APT. 14 units Social Security recipient pret'd An olhar may apply Call aft 6pm. HELP WANTED MANAGEMENT TRAINEE. El.

mum. mc Good starttng salary A many Co. bnm. AppfytoHao- WQfli eWaWpTaSJaMoTII MANAGER TRAINEE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS I77S par weM to Dart. Saury ba-ss, comm.

4 pkomko. vroasos am daw Nahemt id Carp, now larait. Ant coma Arst tamo basis, aims Call so II yoa Mr. Spoan, tai-SHV. MANAGEMENT tn wol ptsmon, tiptr at tram-Parana, prtf A warn la Iraa neM pana.

wntt to Cevrtr Past II, P.O. tea im Cfcirrt HC NJ. AAANAGatt iMAMcaa NOW HIRING fcWl Cv. aponlnd 14 nw aMcdf tn-stai reei en need several Trainees I loani at pha ses 4 business weack kNt Inventtry central, people meneoomont, matketwio, ec Earn 1300 par wl plus whaa Frank Car nee Must be able start enmed. Cal Clntfy, 77IUH MANAGEMENT.

LaroeU Marina Supprv Ca. at the country Is loetot far aogressiv sales people who are faok fa move ana rneneoarnant. Baatng kackgraund a pus. Pd. starhn salary, company be-sems.

EiceL epperfy her aoanxemant Cal Me kedmer, tr Waynt Ryan, Men. thru SaL, 1 an la i pjts. 0-O4-l000. MANAGER TRAINEES-HeenH Car Heuveteeptn Sysloms a Cera trevidn mgmt services Id Kesprrait A nurun hemes In 7 Eastern states. The South Jersey District Is new keokti lor a lew herd-wart etd sad starters fa go throudU our Iraran prooram, assum ana at our nvanaoement pouhens.

yeu are toot me far a career at the Healtfi Car FMM where yeu can advance as far and as tail as yaw abdmes wl take you, send rtsum fa Herrtao Hous Ot Cherry Hit, 100 Arbor Aeonu, Cflerry Hal NJ. Otoja. Att; A. Feeey. MANAGEMENT SALES TRAINEE local firm will train aggressive women 4 men lo market lire 4 saleiy products Starlinf salary S7.50PERHOUR No operienc necessary.

Cal MANICURISTNAIL TECH. per d. Prelerably w'toHowing, nail hps 4 Khuipured Cauoel. 104 317-133. MANICURIST Experienced lor Salon Madford area CaM64-7660 MARKET RESEARCH, Perma-sent pan Km pouhens aval con-ducttna NSephene surveys tram aur Cherry Hd Mai locatMn.

No e.o. net We tram. Hirm al inirrt, l-4pm MARKETING U1K. Fee paid. yrs eiper in markeling data processing equtpml Gd written 4 oral skills.

Bnlls. 4 advanceml. SIMPSON 4 So. Haddon Hdlkl 471-7744 Emp Agy. SECMKT DIRECTOR SecretaryAisiirant Markeflrn Director at dynamic rapidy aipamnnt corp.

This clvalanaglnd position requires a lueMv monvaitd wed or oa nurd Individual with good secretarial 4 carnmunicaHon sa ds. Th person k) this potHton Inter, facet with the marketing director, general manager 4 tales tntsneerv xceL Mlary 4 benents. Convenient facahon an Rt 1)0 with ample peril ing, I blocks from htghspeeolin. Cal Mr. Scett, Sosar Mashw Fam Carp.att47.47W MARKETING MANAGEMENT TRAINEES National appliance Co has openings In its Marketing, Manegemtnl Display Sales Department.

NO EXP. NECESSARY Ful Co training program. Career opportunities with tul opportunity for advancement In the fmmtdiald lulur If you are not earning. IIOOOPLUS. Call for Interview tlm between.

10 30 AM 4 3 PM. 454-1071 MARKETING-PART TIME lllhr. Mas BONUSES Pay while training could lead lo ful time it desired CaH 795-1445 Anon. thru Wed 10- Ipm. MASSEUSE -MASSEUR Wanted far pnaa.

Hearth spa. eiper. net, wl tram. Comm. plus lips.

Far app cal 115 St4 MECHANIC- Eiper'd. Knowledge el oneiric lert litter electric motors must Send resume t. Ba I7S, Meoterd Lakes, NJ. MOSS MECHANIC eiprd on lypti ot Imports. Mon-Frl, Unlimited SaL poiennai lattjonn, 7j-ni AIR CONO 4 HEATING Lt.

reiident HI. pumps 4 ad burners must. Rett. SJ. resident prefd Vet.

tul benefits, uni-tormv Cal Ta-4iu MECHANIC 4 Helper needed. Heavy construction equlpemnt Knowttdgeale wdleul eng. Trans, 4 hydraulic a must. MM. 3 yrs.

exp. Est sal 4 frtigts. 47J-I 1-4724 MECHANICTRUCK TIRE SER- VICEMAN (mw) Musi have own tools 4 valid drivers license. Call 73-3700 vem-J 30pm wkdvs only. MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN Aire Specialty Gases Delran, N.J.

Is tookaid far peoote ip'd In pending 'in ss fubmg to iichng ipecnScahons. Tobecemideredon must alw be able I road blueprints, wort wmmmei supervision 4 be wlai to work an altornaon sMfl. Th successful applicant mutt pan a twned ten Pay wl be detennlned upon eipertence. For more trior, ma hen cal f0v.44l.6a00 btw. 1 4 4pm, Mon.

thru Fri We are ah Equal Oppry. Emplvr. HELP WANTED Lnveatten OnVe. Eiper enrv. wen at wail hrs.

avonesas a tour schedule ki ML Laurel Goad hour saiary. Ca Uta, 7)1 IMS. PART TIME -New Win ratal security eiper' prefd Apply Marl, CMrrywead Plau, M44 Black wed-Cleiiwdf Rd. Biackwood NJ. PART TIME -office person to han-dw various otte duiws Snomd tamniar business ijiuaint.

Voorheet area TVS -4411 PART TIME, woman (m wl fa work hrs. aropai aid 4 term 4 cleanup hmch. Appry as per tan aft htm, PaKtvaHVi Piuane. 21 W. uowtn Ave, uarm PARTS OEPTCLERK.

EnWy krveJ. al beiwflts. Stan asvnadtv. la ua-tajBeitau PART TIME awaaikiuid secretary. Oppry fa earn eitra I't fctr kvty wipsttianl phane veace arrtnot busmsl apptt brw.

Il-2pm front our pleeiant Ben) area amca. Cal brw. son, 767 6647. PAVING MECHANIC, must bt arte le run power baa. Cal ftl-ffO PHARMACY CLERK part Km ipefd drtfd, reft raad, IsTlJOa.

PHONE OPERATOR tie en consoit, ad. pnon technic, spcmv American Appliance. I0 B-aeK Horse Pita Runnemede, PHOTO TYPESETTING, key. beard eoerater, must Kav eipert. enct iitnum-set tant end ettnatvpe eauwnent.

NiM thai penma. icetent cempant. Rene-Rts-Ceim-iti-). PHOTO FINISHING. Mature individuals needed tor anetttapnic nremn 4 nvpectien.

ip. Mprul but net nec Day imtit iMtt aval Crtss Cawnrry Cetor. UK Crew Pent Rd. Wtitvel. Cal Mr.

Ricnardi Mi-mag PHOTO LAB M00REST0WN MALL On Hour Pnoto Finishing Lab It seeking lu time andor pari lim employees A background in phoro- firaofiic processing and retail sales I desirable To apply cal Mr Hal-iteed, at 609 tM-ll44, on Mon. or Tues, 10am until 5pm Eoual Opportunity Emplovtr M'P PHYS-EO INSTRUCTOR Familiar with nautilis, tree weights. Send resume to PO Boa 143, Mooreslown.NJ 0057 PICTURE FRAMER Ful lim Kt An a rttaii sales background iplul. Will tram. Apply petty 10 30am 17 30pm Hous ot 10 000 Picture Frames, near Moortsioon Maw m-iVl PIZZA M.

needed nights 4 wee ends Alsa part hme girl 4 sand-wh. Mariana's Pma tW-tatt PIZZA person, (resh dough, Immed. penma, eiper'd nec, mght shilt. Apply In person Sully's Puieruj IM East Part Merchantvde. PIZZASANDWICH PERSON eip.

nec Appty el person Principal'! Famly Restaur ant. Eagle Plau, Rt Sal. Vtomeet PLASTIC FABRICATOR PERSON, eip template maker 4 set-up person for Wiedemann punch press. Musi be able to make own set-ups 4 able to opera' shear, brake 4 sm. punch presses Aium 4 ptattic eip.

heiplut QuaitierJ only call Ralph al betw (-3pm only PLASTIC CUTTER ar FABRICATOR. Eiper'd with knowledge et acrylK; povcarbonaie, VC; nvton; acetal, 4 pheneiicv Mature esdiv. whe desires le achieve eicetance 4 advancement in an energetic anviraranent. Gaud nav: ml hatva. ts; attendance bonus; tree kit latimei: ceroorata toa member.

Ship, 4 mere Send resume A salary requirements Courier Pest PO Bm S300, Cherry Hi, NJ 0034 PLUMBER'S HELPER-miw. Apply biwn ItS, Albert Etiil PLUMBER JOURNEYMAN-m7 w. Apply blwn I 4 Albert Ellis 3S-0697. PLUMBER'S HELPER-2 yrs eip. Must be reliable 40 hrs wk BCBS.

paid holidays. Cell DJ Plumbing Hammonlon, S6I-7J47 blwn 9 4 5 only PLUMBERS 4 FOREMEN, mw, tip'd. New conitructton, Iteadv wort Cal t-4, PLUMBER needed, eip'd. only. Mutl hav NJ drivers Ik.

Must hav wn hand tools Eip'd an new house construction. Sll-191 PLUMBERS HELPER. Some iperienc Mutsary. Cal Stl-IMl PLUMBERS- Position aval ml growing company, i yrs. tip at new conttruchon nec OnJy reliable 4 motivated need apply Cal 007 PLUMBER MECHANIC, mm.

rheld eip Cal Wdiam Henry Son, Inc Mon. thru Fti I0am-3pm tr appt. 4S4-a7 10. PLUMBER'S Hetoerv Cal Wiiarn Henry 4 Son, Inc. Mon.

thru FrL lOem.Jpm.lor appt HELP WANTED MT. LAUREL Birchfield Development terw stats wt msptctar IZL rT puraasta pwn. fiT)yXv r51 Itawji, Ikh sainty, 4 mj.t, UwcMcDnm 4 standards kuu tut tr rt am. MMst-aiu WLT)ON INSTALLER hm. 1 tr Caji atm avr 1309 par wt.

INSURANCE AUTO DAMAGE APPRAISER "Jf yowa, unrict. prootrty claim co staking prottss. arwraistrt would hat lo grow 'lh in AitsntK. Cumberland, Qtounsttr County i Ptma. areas! tit* position rtqurtt seit-moiiva-Iwnandtmm t)-4 yrs held ti ft vou con product outiily finished producl, novo the Quantitations and drive lo rn toovt tvg mcomt, PWS COM 10 arrang on interview EQUIPMENT SURVEYS INC.

Mr Dal vV.nm, Operations 4 Devtioonvjnt. Prion (4S-7214. jpm-opm, INSURANCE CLERK-Port Km. SurancF1aTeTntIo P'O muranct agents. Ouol-ld Itedi.

ken Me camputtrt p4TlB comm. Col Sttv. rlB.2aifttMetFrt,M-lL INSURANCE CODER oopty tor person w'eip. coding (or computer input. ful btnetilv S-H-S Personnel 779-9030 ItOIN KingiHwy, SulttWI, INSURANCE SECRETARY COOO PAY BENEFITS.

FEE P4ICX Wt Rood tptr. i Mir commora account! otna stents rut duties Can Dun. KELLY 4 THOMAS ASSOC. HMRI. '0 tut.

Soil IM, Cherry HoV 424-I2U Em, agy. INSURANCE ASSISTANT COORDINATOR Loro Inturanc company needs wM starting individual to support its lite depart-menu marketing staff. Skits required: tymng 50 worn. CRT PC Kperienc( good communication skills, peopi oriented A knowledge ot iitl insurance a plus Law tor pit appowlmenl, (609) 772-1300. THE TRAVELERS Laurel Road Voorheet.

NJ M043 EOE. M'F INSURANCE RATER GOOD PAY 4 BENEFITS. FEE PAIDI need tip. in Commer. cial Lines ralmo.

Casualty or Prop-rly background revd. The use ol CRT 4 knowledge SMP 4 ISO MtptuT Cal Diane, KELLY 4 THOMAS ASSOC. Rl. 70 East, Suit 130, Cherry Hal 424-I2U. Emp.

Agy. INSURANCE SALES-Licensed in lite or property-casualty. Ec oopty. in rapidly growmg indepen-danl agtncy C4-HH INSURANCE PRODUCER Per-sonal knas 1 1 I yrs. leads previded, salts center concept Salary and art comm.

net. Can MaHey INVENTORY PERSON-Ful lim to work in Phil 4 tavern. Win Iram Must have car 4 be over 21 Starting saiarvtloOpius benefits. Can biwn 10am 4 4pm. 6tS- SM0 INVENTORY person.

FuH lim to work in Phila 4 S.J. taverns WiH tram Must have car 4 be over Sterling sal. 1160 plus bnlls. CaH INVESTIGATORS Immed. open.

Ints. Must be capable la lunch en in any environment. Top pay and many butts, lor qua), applicant. Cal anvhm, -WQ-fw-t3iQ. JANITORIAL HELP part nm mornings.

Cmnammson, Westmont area. CaHI-43-3 1 1, 10 am 4 JANITORS tuperitnct PT evening work, car neiessary. CaH 234-774 between 10am 4 4pm. JANITORIAL 4 CARPET CLE ANING-P'T. Mutt have car.

SH tiJO Cancel Sua Janitorial OFFICE CLEANING SITE SUPERVISOR FULL TIME NITES PAULSBORO AREA Immediate opening with large oHic mamienanc co tor reliable, responsible individual Good start- a -a wi innA ing pay a. onus ian ui-aoa- itw JANITORIAL 4 MAINTENANCE DUTIES- Retired person will he considered Part lime position. Call Bruce, 663-4QB7 KEYPUNCH OPERATORS vou can operate IBM machine, we navt too. available lor you. CD! Temporary Set vices.

Inc. I Kecutivecampus. Cherry Hill tS-M44 IHSttNtO IS447II'7 NolanEmptymntAgy Neviratee. Equal Opportunity employer M'F KITCHEN INSTALLER-must Have tools 4 truck, new Ca Exc atptY.Calf3fS7 LAB ANALYST lor I REGIONAL WASTEWATER FACILITY Candidates must hav a minimum of two (7) years ol college chemistry or Microbiology Preference wi! given lo those wth a BS degre and'Or tiperienr In Iht Water Pollution Field Salary 170,500 per year plus very liberal fringe benefits Call Cathy lor appointment. (6OT) 473-3MO, i 30am to 4 30om HELP WANTED TELEPHONE SALES AM PM WK Hogrl AvailaWs t.

2 day weekend every other weekend Earn nunifnum wage during test month training period, $4 per hr commencing 2nd month. Excellent Bonut, commission 4 incentives. Pleasnt.iir conditioned offices. Eipertence preferred but we will Irian. FOR INTERVIEW CALL FRAN 488-1680 RESTAURANT KELP McOontKTi I Mc Donald's Family Restaurant are now hiring lor the Holidays.

FuH time-Part time Positions available. Applicants must be 17 years ot age. Afvj at ptttcn- ItaetM Bel, fterheta, I J. Cheary Hal, Caerrj Equal Opportunity Emptoyer ASSISTANT TELEMARKETING DIRECTOR EipfVj'nj, CWf MH company leekl eip'd te-lepnorni tale people to assist daily operation. 8 as Mlary ptuVonuttt.

Call 662-5510. Equal Oppty Empoer MF. ADULT CARRIERS WANTED Great Part Time Opportunity Afternoon During Week Morning on Weekends Deptford Area call Mr. Allen 800-257-6289 Ext. 286 Equal Opportunity Employer AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Assistant Parts Mgr.

Wholesale Parts Mgr. South Jersey's ft 1 Datsun Agency is accepting applications lor an experienced assistant parts manager with minimum ol 3 years Nissan Experience. This position is open to possibly 2 individuals as an APM and Wholesale Manager. Position requires a result oriented take charge Individual who is willing to succeed and is totally customer oriented. Excellent Salary plus bonus and benelits.

Please Contact Jim Navins at: WOODBURY DATSUN INC. 439 Mantua Avenue Woodbury, New Jersey 853-0005 MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR A NEW U.S. MORTGAGE CORP. IS COMING TO YOUR MARKET IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY We are doing it now with competitive rates, rate locks, and outstanding programs and we are getting ready tor an exciting 1985. W.S.

MORTGAGE CORP. is being acquired by a dynamic, corporate services and we plan to grow. We are looking tor the mtge. banking originator who is established in his or her market area, and wants to be supported by the very best service management group in N.J. Excel, commission structure with drawing account expenses and a very complete benefit package.

Producing higher earnings in 19SS means preparing lor it now! So call lor your strictly confidential interview. Contact T. D. Brannigan 800-582-5952 U. S.

MORTGAGE CORP. Full Service Mortgage Banker Equal Opportunity Empioyar EARN EXTRA INCOME WITH THE INDEPENDENCE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS No direct selling you manage a crew of young adults who sell South Jersey's largest newspaper, the Courier-Post. It only takes a few hours a week and you can earn unlimited commissions. Sell in your own neighborhood. To get started, call our Crew Sales Manager, Ray at 845-2471.

DON'T WAITl CALL TODAY! Equal Opportunity Employer MOONLIGHTERS STUDENTS, HOUSEWIVES Evening hours are available for part time sales positions. Earn: 1. Salary 2. Commission 3. Incentives 4.

Paid Training For an interview call 663-6000 ext. 231 between 9 am and 3 pm Equal Opportunity Employer MF The Courier Post is looking for YOUTH CARRIERS in the following areas. Excellent opportunity (or extra income ft prizes. MT. HOLLY Cherry St.

Ridgeway Ave. Union Ave. High St. Buttonwood Ave. Please call 662-4700 Ext.

291 Ask lor Mr. Calogero Equal Opportunity Employer STUDENTSTEENAGERS You can earn $50 to $100 a week (comm.) working alter school and on Saturdays. Must be responsible. EARN PRIZES NEW WOMAN IS COMING TO TOWN WHITPAIN, PA. CINNAMINSON, N.J.

The nation's leading women's fitness organization Is coming to the area with opportunity for those interested in a fine career in sales management training. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic people, who enjoy staying fit getting ahead. Excellent base salary with exciting commission structures opportunity for advancement. For local area interview call Barbara collect at: 201-599-9102 you live in the GLOUCESTER I CAMDEN CO. AREA CALL RAY AT 845-2471 il you live in the BERLIN AREA CALL KATHY at 768-3588 If you live in the PENNSAUKEN AREA INDUSTRIAL SALES Established multi-product company dealing in vinyl coated fabrics is seeking a sales representative with 3-5 years experience to service the Mid-Atlantic Region headquarters in Pa.

Degree Preferred. Salary plus incentive in addition to expenses and car allowance. SEND RESUME SALARY HISTORY TO: COURIER-POST Box F-49 P.O.Box 5300 Cherry Hill, N.J. MOM DELIVERY AGENTS WANTED BURLINGTON CAMDEN and GLOUCESTER COUNTIES Excellent part time opportunity. delivery schedule, pre-dawn hours.

Good supplemental income. For intontltw call 663-6000, cxt 326 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Ask for Pat Equal Opportunity Employer CALL KIRK at 488-8249 piumciicnc rt tuciiTnu ioci CALL TONY at 939-2348 If you live in the CHERRY HILL AREA CALL GLORIA AT 779-8791 Equal Opportunity Employer.

Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey (2024)


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