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1 ATHOL DAILY NEWS Monday, April 25, 1977 Page 3 Orange News Briefs OFFICE, 4 N. MAIN ST. TO SUBMIT ORANGE NEWS ITEMS PHONE. 544-2701 or 249-3535 Mrs. Carl C.

Briggs, 39 Winter street, recently entered the Leominster Hospital. There will be a Title I meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Dexter Park School. Rose Reed of 199 East Main street, was taken Sunday to Athol Memorial Hospital. The St.

Mary's Women's Club will sponsor a card party Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. A penny social will begin at 7 p.m., followed by cards at 7:30. A typing bee will be held at the old St. Mary's' parish hall Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Parishioners willing to help type the individual Catholic Charity cards, will bring their typewriters.

Over 600 cards have to be typed. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith greeted the congregation at the Mission 1 Covenant Church Sunday. Special music was furnished by the acappella choir with Mrs.

Durward Cornwell conducting. In the absence of Mrs. Gayle Stone, Gordon Johnson substituted at the organ. All members of the Mission Covenant Church will meet in the church vestry Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., to meet Rev. Paul Johnson, new superintendent of the Covenant East Coast Conference.

The introduction will be followed a coffee hour. St. Mary's Women's Club will hold a penny social at 7 p.m. and a whist party at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the new church center.

Prizes will be awarded and refreshments served. Proceeds will go to the building WALLPAPER DIRTH HOME LUMBER CENTER, AND Trailblazers of the Mission Covenant Church will meet Thursday at 2:45 p.m. The executive board of the Orange Woman's Club will meet Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Marcus Johnson, president.

Athenian Temple 75 Pythian Sisters will hold installation of officers. Tuesday evening at 8 in the Franco-American Club in Athol. The Grand Officers of the Grand Temple of Mass. will install the officers. Members are in charge of refreshments.

Installation Attending the installation of officers of the Westfield Emblem Club Saturday were Aurelie Dresser, president; Gladys supreme press; Pauline Kelleher, past president and Charlotte Day, vice president of the Athol-Orange Emblem Club. On Sunday Ms. Dresser, Ms. Songer and Ms. Kelleher went to Webster where they served on the installing suite at that club's installation.

Ms. Dresser was presented a monetary gift from the Holyoke Emblem Club and a silver tray from the Webster Club in honor of the local organization's 25th anniversary. St. Mary's Continued From Page I The parish has many projects to raise funds for the building and its upkeep. Remo Cellana is fundraising chairman and has planned a tag-sale and auction for early summer.

The Woman's Club has been conducting card parties Tuesday nights and gifts have been given in memory of loved ones. Just Received A Beautiful Collection Of New Gowns PROM WEDDING The Perfect Dress For That "Special" Event Sizes For Juniors Misses And Sizes Free Alterations On Purchases Of $15 Or Over MOSKOVITZ'S 500 MAIN ST. ATHOL ATTEND CONVENTION Members of the Mahar High School Key Club 1 in Orange, who attended the New England District Convention recently in Bedford, N.H. were, from left, Mark Greco, Bert Mailloux, Scot Knight and Wayne Mailloux. The club was awarded first place trophy for its activities scrapbook, bottom left.

Accompanying the boys was Ray Belanger of the Orange Kiwanis Club. Not present at time of picture were, Chris Roche, Shawn Preece, Jamie Chase and David Mock. Wayne is the chairman of the scrapbook committee. Cucchi Services Bearers Saturday for the funeral of Edmund J. Cucchi, 50, of 404 Fredette street were Richard Fountain, Robert Mayo, Brian Martin, Leo Piro, Albert Brighenti and Cleido Simonetti Jr.

Honorary bearers were George Girardi Henry Maga, Robert Peterson, Etna Stevens, Herbert Jewett, Joseph Baublis, August Vincent, Harry Smith, Stanley Stone, James MacDonald, Joseph Calvi, Louis Rossi, George Wheeler, Walter Porter, James Young, Richard Ferrari and Donald Ferrari. The Rev. James Imse of Our Lady Immaculate Church officiated. The flag was folded a and presented to Mrs. Joanne Cucchi by Charles McGuirk, commander of the Edward H.

Phillips Post American Legion and Daniel Watson, town veteran's agent and former post commander. Burial was in Gethsemane Cemetery. Orange Fire Log At 9:17 p.m. Friday, a still alarm was sounded at 34 North Main street. It was triggered by smoke from a light fixture ballast.

LIFE INSURANCE NEW YORK (UPD The percentage of family wage earners with life insurance coverage has been on a steady rise in recent years. A study released by the American Council of Life Insurance shows that the percentage of family heads with life insurance rose from 91 per cent in 1959 to 94 per cent in 1974, while the proportion with individual policies went up to 78 per cent from 70 per cent. Cemetery. GARDNER LAST 2 DAYS! CINEMA SHOWTIME 7 Tuesday 9 34 Parker 632-3544 All Seats $1.00 presents IRK Television will never be the same Released thru United Artists STARRING ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS FAYE DUNAWAY PETER FINCH Best Actress Best Actor RENT the professional do-it-yourself carpet cleaning SPECIAL RENTAL $99 NOW ONLY HALF DAY Mon. thru Thurs.

RINSENVAC cleans the way professionals do, at a fraction of the cost HARDWARE 12 East Main Orange 544-3245 Hijack Attempt Foiled Poland CAP). failed a hijack atairgort where to get aboard a ready for take miberg. West sources said declined to give indicated would soon be news PAP. said the Polish hostage building Sunday the Lot airready to take German char- At 8:5 p.m. Saturday, Gary F.

Jeffrey S. Whitaker, 17, of Chicopee and a male juvenile from were arrested on South Officers Barry Teddy with of Trouper James of the State Police. The possession Whitaker was also be a minor tranbeverages. I be arraigned in Orange Court April 29. Daniel C.

Richards, 17. of East street, and a 15-year-old juvenile were arrested at airgert at 10:45 were charged of marijuana and in Orange 12 Arresting W. Hodge' girl was two-car the intersection of South and Route 202 at 17:5 pm. Sunday. Victoria Lee in a vehicle operated Beverly G.

Packirain. 56. af Caaleyville New Salem, said she would after Mrs. rain's car cullided with one J. Ballou, 25, The left front dour and windshield was cited by atticer William Golding agerating after, license and operating registration in Dessert Freezer Takes Ice Cubes Eyewitnesses told German police that the gunman was about to run to the plane when they heard shots.

It appeared that the unidentified hostage was wounded in the shootout, they said. Security officials seized the gunman, who the eyewitnesses said appeared to be a Polish soldier, but they were. unable to see whether he, too, was wounded in the shooting. The Polish crew was aboard the plane when the shooting started, the witnesses said. And one of the stewardesses suffered shock.

All others, including the passengers; were uninjured. The plane left Krakow four hours late and arrived in Nuernberg without further, incident, police said. The is native to Europe and Asia. NEW HARTFORD, CONN. (UPD A dessert appliance uses ice cubes and table salt instead of cracked ice and rock, salt to make everything from ice cream and sherbet to frozen yogurt and mousses.

It resembles a blender. with an 84-watt motor in the base and a cream container and outer shell on top. It measures nine inches in diameter and 13 inches high The device has a half-gallon capacity and an automatic shutoff and ready light. The amount of salt mixed with the i ice determines the smoothness of a dessert and the length of time needed to freeze it. The contents of a 26-ounce box of tahie salt is recommended for: most, recipes that take about 30 minutes to freeze.

England Climatic Area. Such units as the flat plate collector, solar hot air furnace, solar distillers, solar concentrating furnace, solar cooking devices, solar cell projects, and parabolic trough collectors were looked at, compared and built with practical climatic and economic aspects being taken under consideration, so the small industrialist and the average citizen could afford to build or buy them with less worry and a better understanding of solar energy when trying to apply solar energy to various structures and for various He received a special cash scholarship from the Massachusetts Electric Company. Two students from Mahar received second place awards in their category for their projects. Mark Smith, a senior and the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Alvin J. Smith entered "A Visible' Range Recording Spectrophotometer." Discussing his project he said the project "used the principle of a commercial spectrophotometer but was one that he constructed so that the instrument would automatically record the graph of a solution which is unknown in concentration." He has been accepted at Worcester Poly Technical Institute in Worcester where he will pursue his interest in electronics. Nate Mazur, a 10th grader from Petersham, was awarded a second place for his topic "Aggression: An Analysis of Territorial Conflict in Describing his project he said, "it was an attempt to dispel the aura of mystery surrounding overt situational aggression in male mice in which I traversed the school of information open to research phenomenon. Upon finding no suitable solution to this, I devised a complicated series of observable events that would, without doubt, further explain my hypothesis that social and spacial factors ultimately determine the occurrence and degree of overt situational conflict between our little furry Third place positions were won by Diane Estabrooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Samuel B. Estabrooks, Overview, North Orange, for her project "Steadiness of Hand and What Affects It." She explained, "on behalf of the Mahar Regional CONFIDENCE IS KNOWING A SAFETY CONSULTATION iS AVAILABLE FOR THE ASKING. ELLINWOOD INSURANCE AGENCY 427 MAIN ATHOL YOUR Insurance AGENT Independent SERVES YOU PIRST TELEPHONE: 249-9000 or 249-7502 Mahar Continued From Page High School, I studied all former knowledge of complex steadiness. Upon realizing the urgent need of more up-to-date data, I tested many subjects at different social and racial backgrounds to see what factors, if any, affected an individual's steadiness. Ronald Lavigne, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Ronald Lavigne of Petersham, also accepted a third place prize for his environmental project, "Pollution from Sanitary Landfills, Part II." His project he explained as "testing the effect various types of soils have on the iron and other elements in leachate. Tested were gravel, forest soil and grassy top soil." Honorable mention was given to Ron Maillett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Maillet of 141 Prentiss street, Orange.

Another 10th grader, his project was "The Investigation of Photosynthesis," in which he "showed the process of photosynthesis directly and indirectly as oxygen and food producers and our dependency upon photosynthesis in our environment today." In order to participate students must have been a grand prize winner at their school science fair or winners at the regional science fair in their particular school district. Students, Rebecca Hunting, Angela Schiappa, and LoriSimms were participants from Mahar and received special State Science Fair pins and certificates. Mrs. Doris Barber, Mahar Science Fair chairman and science department co-ordinator, accompanied the students and served on the State Science Fair, Committee. Theodore S.

Walkama Theodore. S. 'Pete' Walkama, 55, of 65 Lake Ellis road died Saturday morning at his home following a long illness. He was the husband of Margaret E. (Pichette) Walkama.

He was born in Athol the son of Svanttee and Alessandria (Bjamaki) Walkama and lived in town for 29 years, coming from South Royalston. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II and a retired caretaker at the Harvard University Forestry School in Petersham. He was a member of the Second Congregational Church of South Royalston, the Star Lodge of Masons and Edward H. Phillips Post American Legion.

Besides his wife he is survived by a daughter, Sandra Walkama of town and two sisters, Aili Asikainen of South Royalston and Signe Avery of Winchendon. Funeral services were held this afternoon from Higgins Funeral Home with Rev. Leighton Richardson of the United Methodist Church officiating. Burial was in Silver Lake SEED POTATOES Green Mountain Katahdins Kennebec Chippewa NOW AVAILABLE AT ATHOL AGWAY AGWAY TELEPHONE 249-8046 HEAD OF EXCHANGE ST. ATHOL, MASS.

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Athol Daily News from Athol, Massachusetts (2024)


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